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 New Dream Syndicate song
Author: Michael Toland 
Date:   06-27-17 10:43

At the link.

Also a new Church song here.

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 Re: New Dream Syndicate song
Author: zoo 
Date:   06-27-17 18:50

The Church come though again. They're the model of consistency. As much as I like MWP, his absence hasn't affected their sound at all.

That Dream Syndicate song ain't half bad, either. I'm not familiar with their music otherwise, though I know they're regarded highly around these parts. I'll have to check them out further.

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 Re: New Dream Syndicate song
Author: Michael Toland 
Date:   06-28-17 12:38

I like that Church song as well. I do think the band's sound was slightly altered when Willson-Piper left, but the new guy is excellent as well, and their last album was their best one in years. Sometimes fresh blood really does make a difference. I like this tune and look forward to hearing the new record.

I like the Dream Syndicate song as well. Steve Wynn claims in the piece that it's different than anything they've done before, while still sounding like them, and I think that's fairly accurate. It's not the frenzied jamming of yore, but not the straight rootsy rock of their later years, either. I'm really looking forward to this one.

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 Re: New Dream Syndicate song
Author: MrFab 
Date:   06-28-17 16:19


I'm not familiar with their music otherwise
"The Days of Wine and Roses." There is nothing wrong with that record. Greatest album the Velvet Underground never made.

Not sure about that new track, tho. Would have preferred more Crazy Horse, less Grateful Dead. But Kendra Smith is back?!? Even for just one song, that's still pretty amazing. Thought she'd dropped off the planet years ago.

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 Re: New Dream Syndicate song
Author: Michael Toland 
Date:   06-28-17 17:34

I'd argue that a good overview of the band's music can be found on the Live at Raji's release, particularly the 2-disk reissue from a few (?) years ago. It's a nice balance of song-based DS and crazed guitar frenzy DS.

And just to reiterate what MrFab says about Days, I've seen Steve Wynn with his band The Miracle 3 (who emulate the DS) a few times, and they always include at least a couple of Days songs in their sets. I've seen them do "Tell Me When It's Over," "That's What You Always Say," "When You Smile" and (most often) the title track. Jason Victor's got that Karl Precoda/Paul B. Cutler thing down.

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 Re: New Dream Syndicate song
Author: Aitch 
Date:   06-29-17 02:05

Saw him open with Halloween but that was with his wife (drums) and a couple of Fleshtones backing him.

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