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 New Paramore Album
Author: jothoma 
Date:   05-16-17 13:00

Interesting write up about the new Paramore album today in The Ringer. Apparently they have gone full 80's retro on this new album. I listened to the new single, "Hard Times", and it seems closer to Cyndi Lauper or Taylor Dayne end of the 80's spectrum than Blondie or early Berlin but maybe the rest of the album varies the styles a little bit. Me, I'm still hoping for another Epoxies album.

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 Re: New Paramore Album
Author: Post-Punk Monk 
Date:   05-16-17 13:54

Never 'eard of Parramore, but since you evoked the godlike Epoxies, let me commiserate with you for a few. I ran across The Epoxies on my year on Pandora ad-free in 2006. I was blown away with how expertly they pastiched that whole 1979 New Wave vibe like the pros they were! Having lived through it the first time, I was in slack-jawed awe of their achievement. I have all of their stuff, and there's far too little of it. I liked the Roxy Epoxy solo album quite a bit. It went far enough to overcome my one, petty, nagging complaint with The Epoxies in that it was a bit more than just straight [but perfect] New Wave pastiche, but then after that… crickets! Come Back To The Five And Dime, Roxy Epoxy!

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 Re: New Paramore Album
Author: BCE 
Date:   05-17-17 21:06

I used to get Paramore confused with Shiny Toy Guns until Paramore's videos showed up on VH1's Top 20 countdown all the time. Now, I only remember Shiny Toy Guns at the band that attempted "Major Tom."

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