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 Anyone seen The Blasters lately?
Author: Post-Punk Monk 
Date:   05-16-17 14:06

My neighbor had invited me out to see The Blasters in town in a few weeks. I always sort of liked their early pre-Warner material, though I never bought any. Anyone got any tales? I told him I'd go, so I'll be there.

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 Re: Anyone seen The Blasters lately?
Author: MrFab 
Date:   05-16-17 16:21

Haven't seen 'em in their totality, but 3 of 'em (plus two X-ers) backed Chris D in a fantastic Flesh Eaters show I saw Jan 2015. They were great, but they were playing Flesh Eaters songs.

The Blasters were one of those "critics bands." No one I know really liked 'em, and I was (and am) usually a big fan of the Slash posse. Why critics fell all over themselves praising the Blasters while dismissing the Gun Club is a mystery for the ages.

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 Re: Anyone seen The Blasters lately?
Author: Delvin 
Date:   05-16-17 17:03

It's been about three years since I saw The Blasters, on a double bill with X. The band sounded great, and Phil's voice was all there. He sure does show the miles, but don't we all.

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