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 Los Lobos in Everett WA
Author: Delvin 
Date:   05-15-17 15:33

Man, considering how long it took me to get around to seeing Los Lobos, it's crazy that I've seen them twice in the space of two years. And the second time (this past Saturday), they played within walking distance of my house, at the Everett Theatre.

The show was great. They were going from a setlist this time, unlike the show I saw a couple years ago. But they had a more raw, ragged, swaggering quality to their performance. And they really had people dancing in the aisles at this one.


The Way You Love Me
I Walk Alone
Gates of Gold
Will the Wolf Survive?
Cumbia Raza
The Neighborhood
Shakin' Shakin' Shakes
Dream in Blue
Poquito Para Aqui
West L.A. Fadeaway (Grateful Dead cover)
Kiko and the Lavender Moon
Si Yo Quisiera
Ay Te Dejo en San Antonio
Light Up or Leave Me Alone (Traffic cover)
Don't Worry Baby

Georgia Slop
La Bamba/Good Lovin'/La Bamba [reprise]

Opening was a Seattle-based group called the Staxx Brothers. They play a basically jam-band version of soul music. They're actually a damn tight unit, but the lead singer made it impossible for me to get into. He reminded me of a soul version of Jack Black's character in School of Rock: he's so eager to get down and get his groove on, he doesn't realize what an annoying poser he is. (He even looks a lot like Jack.) He's not all that much of a singer, frankly. And when he turned his back to the crowd and shook his ass -- the upper half of which was actually on display above the beltline of his jeans -- I wanted to throw stuff at him.

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 Re: Los Lobos in Everett WA
Author: zwirnm 
Date:   05-15-17 22:48

I only saw Los Lobos once, around 1998. It was a special show before a D.C. United game, and the heavily-Hispanic audience was demanding they play more songs in Spanish. They replied with a feedback-heavy version of "Cinnamon Girl." They're truly one of the all-time great American bands; I just was going through my vinyl and sorted through ... And a Time to Dance, Will the Wolf Survive, and The Neighborhood.

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