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 Midnight Oil
Author: zwirnm 
Date:   05-15-17 09:27

I haven't had time to write anything yet, but saw Midnight Oil in Silver Spring on Tuesday night after flying from New Hampshire, and it was tremendous. A huge, generous setlist with songs from throughout their catalogue, including a lot of earlier tracks, great energy, and sardonic political commentary from Peter Garrett. So glad I made it there. I will write more later, but here is the apparent setlist (there were some songs I didn't know from the early days, and some new material):

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 Re: Midnight Oil
Author: Michael Toland 
Date:   05-15-17 09:37

Does anybody have a catalog of anthems that matches theirs outside of the Who?

This tour is not coming to Texas, alas, but I hope a future one will. I saw them on the Blue Sky Mining tour many years ago and it was mindblowing.

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 Re: Midnight Oil
Author: zoo 
Date:   05-15-17 10:17

Dang! Opening the set with "Profiteers" should have let everyone know they were in for a special evening.

If this tour came anywhere near me I would have gone, being that MO is one of my favorite bands, but it wasn't to be. Going to see The Damned was compensation.

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 Re: Midnight Oil
Author: Heff 
Date:   05-15-17 14:41

Michael - glad you made it to the show. Garrett said at the outset that they were going to play stuff that most people would recognize but judging from the participation of the crowd, I think they were wrong. Garrett had an impressive amount of energy for someone that is 64. Bonus was that Jack Howard from Hunters & Collectors augmented the band on brass and when drummer Rob Hirst moved to the front to join the rest of the band, Howard took over drum duties (only 'temporarily' noted Hirst).

I was surprised that 'Blue Sky Mine' got the biggest response from the crowd. I thought it would have been 'Beds Are Burning'. I was a little disappointed no 'Best of Both Worlds' (my first introduction to the band many years ago) but 'Dreamworld' was great.

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 Re: Midnight Oil
Author: breno 
Date:   05-15-17 15:36


I was surprised that 'Blue Sky Mine' got the biggest response from the crowd.

"Who's gonna save me? I pray that sense and reason brings us in/We've got nothing to fear/In the end the rain comes down/and washes clean the streets of a blue sky town" is a message I think a lot of people are clinging to like a lifeline these days.

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 Re: Midnight Oil
Author: zwirnm 
Date:   05-15-17 22:46

Not just "Blue Sky Mine" - "Forgotten Years" got a huge response. The stuff from the entire Blue Sky Mining record has held up very well.

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 Re: Midnight Oil
Author: STEVE 
Date:   05-18-17 22:58

its good, no reassuring to know that some bronzed aussies still spend their winter months riding the beltway
talk about the passion.
thanks, mz

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