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 Japandroids in Seattle
Author: Delvin 
Date:   03-19-17 23:11

Last night's concert at the Neptune Theatre was one of the best shows I've ever seen! The duo definitely offered "the cure for gravity," as Joe Jackson put it. From the first song, it felt like we all could leave the ground.* And the guys managed to keep ratcheting that anthemic uplift from one song to the next, all the way through the set -- no mean trick. This was perhaps the only show I've seen where the band completed their set, left without an encore, and nobody booed when the house lights went up. Everyone was sated, and everybody left happy.

I hadn't realized that Brian King and Dave Prowse were such big guys. When they walked onto the stage, they looked pretty tall -- I'd guess six-four or six-five, though I may be wrong. They certainly seemed big compared to the members of the opening act. And when Craig Finn came out to sing the closing number -- a cover of my favorite AC/DC song! -- I swear, he looked like a Minion next to Brian.

Near to the Wild Heart of Life
Adrenaline Nightshift
Fire's Highway
North East South West
True Love and a Free Life of Free Will
Younger Us
In a Body Like a Grave
Wet Hair
Arc of Bar
Nights of Wine and Roses
Evil's Sway
Midnight to Morning
No Known Drink or Drug
Continuous Thunder
Heart Sweats
Young Hearts Spark Fire
The House That Heaven Built
If You Want Blood You've Got It (w/Craig Finn singing)

I don't know if The Hold Steady is on hiatus, or if they've split up or what. But I can tell you that Craig Finn's new quartet, The Uptown Controllers, sounds a lot like The Hold Steady. I don't mean that as a criticism, but it's always a bit odd to me, when a member of an established band takes a side trip, only to form a band that sounds an awful lot like his regular gig. Anyway, they played a good opening set, and the audience really enjoyed it. Their new album comes out this Friday.

*Well, that cure for gravity didn't apply to everyone. Last night's show included an incident that I knew I'd witness someday: a guy got up on the stage, took the dive ... and the crowd parted. People were soon carrying him out.

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