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 Spencer P. Jones
Author: Michael Toland 
Date:   03-03-17 13:01

Aitch, any news in Australia on the man's ailing health? I don't see dick via Google.

I'm in annual re-obsessed with Australian rock mode and realized I hadn't heard anything in a while.

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 Re: Spencer P. Jones
Author: Aitch 
Date:   03-05-17 19:10

Nothing in print or online since the June/July benefits. I guess no news is good news. I'll keep you posted. The issue is his liver apparently. Whether that means an actual transplant I don't know but will post if anything comes to light.

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 Re: Spencer P. Jones
Author: Michael Toland 
Date:   03-06-17 07:14

Thanks, man.

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 Re: Spencer P. Jones
Author: Aitch 
Date:   03-06-17 18:19

If you're in Australian rock mode, keep an eye out for the first feedtime platter in 20 years this month.

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 Re: Spencer P. Jones
Author: Michael Toland 
Date:   03-07-17 09:34

Holy shit! Thanks for the heads-up - I had no idea! I saw them on their U.S. reunion tour a few years ago when Sub Pop put out that box set. I had no idea they'd been active since then.

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 Hey Aitch! Hey Toland!
Author: MrFab 
Date:   03-09-17 19:41

Can you guys do a podcast or sumthin dedicated to Oz rawk? I gots me some Birthday Party and Beasts of Bourbon albums, some individual tracks by Radio Birdman, Lime Spiders, Lubricated Goat, but haven't much other wild 'n' wooly Down Under rock. Or maybe you'd know where I could go so I could hear this stuff. (The TP review of Butcher Shop is intriguing - w/Kid Congo Powers! - but that one is nowhere to be found.)

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 Re: Hey Aitch! Hey Toland!
Author: Michael Toland 
Date:   03-10-17 08:29

I've never heard the Butcher Shop but have long wanted to - and now a comp is on its way to me from Spain, whose Bang Records seems to be mostly dedicated to Australian rock.

Unfortunately, I don't know of a good source for this other than TP. It was my bible for this stuff. The 'zine The Bob used to have a column by my Blurt colleague Fred Mills - that guy probably knows more about the Australian rock scene of the 80s and 90s than anyone who's not actually Australian. He digs one out from time to time and reprints it on the Blurt site whenever we post something about one of those acts.

There have been a couple of download blogs dedicated to Oz rock, but they tend to go offline after a couple of years. I've learned a lot from them as well.

I'm finding this strain of rock particularly inspiring lately. I've spent more money than I'm usually comfortable with on Discogs buying records I've never been able to find in person, because nearly all of this music is devilishly hard to scare up in the States. I've managed to find stuff by the Moodists, Deadly Hume (just in the last couple of weeks!), the Died Pretty reissues - though some things remains elusive, like Blue Ruin and the Lizard King. And I've been obsessing over Rowland S. Howard and Kim Salmon a lot. This is all (except for Lizard King) stuff I read about in these very pages.

YouTube is a good resource as well, fortunately.

I keep trying newer Australian bands and they don't do it for me. (Except for the Drones - they effing RULE.) There was something in the water down there in the 80s and 90s. I'd love to write a book about it someday.

Anyway, when I have more time, I could give you a breakdown of what I like and have been digging. Aitch will be more of an authority, of course - being from there 'n' all.

Post Edited (03-10-17 18:06)

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 Re: Hey Aitch! Hey Toland!
Author: breno 
Date:   03-10-17 09:07

Speaking of needing to know more about Aus-ternative music (I just made that phrase up, don't tell me if it's already in existence), I'm still hoping for more info on the band The Goat That Went "OM", who have one song on an Australian post-punk sampler on Spotify, which may in fact be the only song they ever recorded, judging from what I can find out about them online. But I love the damn song.

It's less than two minutes long, but it manages to check off almost every box on my list of things I loved about post-punk.

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 Re: Hey Aitch! Hey Toland!
Author: Michael Toland 
Date:   03-10-17 10:51

According to Discogs (which I'm sure you already checked), it is indeed the only thing they ever released, on the Can't Stop It II compilation. (Which I need to pick up - didn't know it existed.) You can buy the track digitally on Bandcamp. I suspect it will remain a mystery, which is kind of cool. Unless the CD has some detailed liner notes.

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 Re: Hey Aitch! Hey Toland!
Author: Michael Toland 
Date:   03-10-17 18:45

Here's some goodies I found on the YouTubes. This is what fills up a lot of my time. Some of this you've no doubt heard, but I'm including it for context. Skipping Nick Cave, the Birthday Party and the Church, as I'm sure you're quite familiar with them.

The Beasts of Bourbon - "Psycho"

The Beasts of Bourbon - "Chase the Dragon"

The Beasts of Bourbon - "I Don't Care About Nothing Anymore"

The Scientists - "Swampland"

The Scientists - "We Had Love"

The Scientists - "Set It On Fire"

Kim Salmon & the Surrealists - "I Fell"

Spencer P. Jones - "Execution Day"

These Immortal Souls - "Crowned"

Rowland S. Howard - "Dead Radio"

Rowland S. Howard - "Pop Crimes"

Lime Spiders - "Slave Girl"

Lime Spiders - "Weirdo Libido"

The Drones - "Shark Fin Blues"

The Drones - "To Think That I Once Loved You"

The Drones - "The Minotaur"

The Deadly Hume - "Passenger Blues"

Blue Ruin - "What a Helluva Woman"

Crime & the City Solution - "Six Bells Chime"

River of Snakes - "Aurora"

River of Snakes - "Bad Blood"

The Triffids - "Wide Open Road"

The Triffids - "A Trick of the Light"

Died Pretty - "Everybody Moves"

Died Pretty - "Sweetheart"

Magic Dirt - "Sparrow"

Radio Birdman - "Murder City Nights"

Radio Birdman - "Burn My Eye"

Radio Birdman - "Smith and Wesson Blues"

The New Christs - "Born Out of Time"

The Screaming Tribesmen - "Date With a Vampyre"

The Celibate Rifles - "Johnny"

The Saints - "This Perfect Day"

The Saints - "(I'm) Stranded"

Laughing Clowns - "Eternally Yours"

Ed Kuepper - "The Way I Made You Feel"

You Am I - "Heavy Heart"

You Am I - "Berlin Chair"

Tex Perkins & the Dark Horses - "Slide On By"

The Cruel Sea - "The Honeymoon is Over"

The Go-Betweens - "Cattle and Cane"

The Go-Betweens - "Was There Anything I Could Do?"

Tex Perkins and You Am I - "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap"

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 Re: Hey Aitch! Hey Toland!
Author: MrFab 
Date:   03-10-17 18:54

Well played, Mr Toland! I know (and love) a few of those, but the vast majority are new to me. I thank you, as do all good, right-thinkin' peoples of the world.

(I think I actually had a These Immortal Souls album (maybe still do?). And I saw Blue Ruin live.)

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 Re: Hey Aitch! Hey Toland!
Author: Michael Toland 
Date:   03-10-17 22:51

Those Blue Ruin records are damned hard to find d for reasonable prices.

It occurs to me I forgot the Moodists, the Wreckery, Dave Graney,, Hugo Race, the Blackeyed Susans, Even, the Hoodoo Gurus, and who knows who else. I'm assuming you already k ow Courtney Barnett.

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 Re: Hey Aitch! Hey Toland!
Author: Aitch 
Date:   03-13-17 20:27

Firstly, the new Blackeyed Susans album came out last week.

It’s true. That early 80s period was gold, not just bands but (speaking as a Sydneysider) venues as well. I’ve said it here before but the main issue in those days was the number of killer bands that didn’t get to the album stage. That means that there are a number of essential compilations worth a visit. There are major overlaps here but that’s unavoidable.

Can't Stop It! Australian Post-Punk 1978-82

Can't Stop It! II: Australian Post-Punk 1979-84

Tales From The Australian Underground - Singles 1976-1989

Tales From The Australian Underground - Vol. 2: 1977-1990

Do The Pop! The Australian Garage-Rock Sound 1976-'87

Do The Pop! Redux Part One

Terrace Industry: M Squared Box 1980-1983

A Slab of Vic

Even all of this leaves massive gaps and it’s probably a little Sydneycentric too but it might get you looking further afield.
Also, when Delvin was calling for contributions for an Australian playlist, I went with perhaps the lesser known options, purely due to the considerable knowledge you folks have. This was my two cents at the time.

Wet Taxis – C’Mon
The Reels – Quasimodo’s Dream
Pel Mel – No Word From China
Tactics – Second Language (or Buried Country or National Health)
God – My Pal
Models – Atlantic Romantic
The Sports – Strangers On A Train
Mi-Sex – Computer Games
Jo Jo Zep And The Falcons – So Young (covered by Elvis Costello)
X – I Don’t Wanna Go Out
Zoot – Eleanor Rigby (features Rick Springfield)
Laughing Clowns – Holy Joe
Blue Ruin – Bad Gin
Hoss – The Goddess Has Time
Cold Chisel – Cheap Wine
Dave Warner (aka Dave Warner From The Suburbs) – Suburban Boy
Skyhooks – Women In Uniform (covered by Iron Maiden)
Shy Imposters – At The Barrier
Sunnyboys – Happy Man
The Dagoes – Ten Years On
Plug Uglies – Powerless Thing
Tall Tales & True – Wasted Life
Severed Heads – The Dead Eyes Opened
Systematics – Vanessa Terratology (or International Voltage)
Mark of Cain – Lords Of Summer
Do Re Mi – Standing On Wires
The Eastern Dark – Julie Is A Junkie
The Moodists – Chatter Shapes
The Moffs - Another Day In The Sun
The Particles – Trumpet Song
David Virgin – Give It Up
Watusi Now – Sound of God

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 Re: Hey Aitch! Hey Toland!
Author: MrFab 
Date:   03-13-17 23:23

Mi-Sex – Computer Games: I had that 12", and I'd forgotten that I actually have "Do the Pop Vol2" (silly me). Otherwise, will put my miners helmet on and start digging. And diggin'. Thank you muchly good sir Aitch.

Post Edited (03-13-17 23:28)

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 Re: Hey Aitch! Hey Toland!
Author: Michael Toland 
Date:   03-15-17 03:31

New Blackeyed Susans! That is good news. I'd listen to Rob Snarski sing the phone book.

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 Re: Hey Aitch! Hey Toland!
Author: Aitch 
Date:   03-15-17 05:04

Titiled Close Your Eyes and See, produced by The Drones' Dan Luscombe. I'm assuming you've checked out the other Snarski, Mr Toland.

Post Edited (03-15-17 05:05)

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 Re: Hey Aitch! Hey Toland!
Author: Michael Toland 
Date:   03-15-17 10:53

I've got a Chad's Tree compilation. What's the name of non-Rob's other band? I know he has one that's been long-running.

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 Re: Hey Aitch! Hey Toland!
Author: Aitch 
Date:   03-15-17 19:46

The Jackson Code.

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 Re: Spencer P. Jones
Author: STEVE 
Date:   03-31-17 14:14

was dave mason in the reels?

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