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 Setlist from last night (13/14 March)
Author: Delvin 
Date:   03-14-17 03:24

Point/Counterpoint rises from the grave!

"Burn, Baby, Burn!!" - The Dictators
"Put Out the Fire" - The Hellacopters
"Make Us Blind" - Echo & the Bunnymen
"Open My Eyes" - Nazz

"That's Bad" - Moe Tucker
"That's Good" - Devo
"Here Comes the Night" - David Bowie
"Here Comes Yet Another Day" [live] - The Kinks

"I Like It There" - Prince
"Don't Touch Me There" - The Tubes
"So Far Away" - The Apples in Stereo
"Close to Me" - The Get Up Kids (for keyboardist Jason DeWees' birthday)

"Tear That City Down" - Greg Kihn Band
"Save Your City" - Radio 4
"Love Will Keep Us Together" - Lazlo Bane (for Neil Sedaka's birthday)
"Love Will Tear Us Apart" - Joy Division

"She Loves Me" - Descendents
"She Goes Out with Everybody" - The Spongetones
"You Don't Know a Thing About Me" - The Love Me Nots
"Too Much Information" - Duran Duran

"Somebody Get Me a Doctor" - Van Halen
"You Shouldn't Call the Doctor If You Can't Afford the Bills" - Dr. Feelgood
"Off Broadway" - Jamie Palumbo
"On Broadway" [live] - Gary Numan (for Mike Stoller's birthday)

"Action" - Sweet
"No Action" - Elvis Costello & the Attractions
"Everything Works If You Let It" - Cheap Trick
"Something's Gone Wrong Again" - Buzzcocks

"We Got Something" - Tinted Windows (for Taylor Hanson's birthday)
"We Ain't Got Nothin' Yet" - Blues Magoos
"Coyote" [live] - The Velvet Underground
"Roadrunner" - The Modern Lovers

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 Re: Setlist from last night (13/14 March)
Author: BCE 
Date:   03-14-17 21:53

"Tear That City Down" - Greg Kihn Band

Somebody PLEASE get The Greg Kihn Band in the RRHOF in 2018: he's long overdue. Plus, it's probably the quickest way (though not necessarily a guarantee) to get Joe Satriani in there as well. Weird Al could induct him -- it would be great.

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 Re: Setlist from last night (13/14 March)
Author: breno 
Date:   03-15-17 09:37

First things first - let's get Greg Kihn a TP entry, then we can talk about the RRHOF.

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 Re: Setlist from last night (13/14 March)
Author: Delvin 
Date:   03-15-17 12:15

We did lights for the Greg Kihn Band when they played Colorado Springs in 1983. Greg turned out to be an all-around good guy -- friendly, easy to talk to, and appreciative of everyone who was helping to put on a good show. I can't imagine him pulling a Steve Miller at his own induction. (Then again, that was almost 35 years ago.)

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