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 R.I.P. David Stroughter
Author: breno 
Date:   03-11-17 15:09

Vocalist for Majesty Crush.

I got to see Majesty Crush back when they were the closing act at the main venue for the Mississippi River Music Festival in 1994, SXSW's attempt to establish a Midwest-focused music festival in St.Louis. That time slot was reserved for the band that was expected to be the biggest deal coming out of the festival.

A still mostly unknown outside Chicago but already beginning to generate massive hype Veruca Salt had the spot preceding Majesty Crush, and pretty much mopped the floor with them (not to say Majesty Crush didn't put on a perfectly fine show - but Veruca Salt, a band I never even liked that much, definitely kicked all the ass that night). Within a couple of months, Veruca Salt was all over alternative radio while Majesty Crush was barely ever heard of again.

Whoever set up the schedule for the MRMF that year definitely backed the wrong horse.

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 Re: R.I.P. David Stroughter
Author: dj45rpm 
Date:   03-11-17 21:46

Dang that sucks! First came across them via the "Disco Sucks" CD comp (where they contributed "If JFA Were Still Together"), they never did get the acclaim they deserved.

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 Re: R.I.P. David Stroughter
Author: breno 
Date:   03-12-17 08:32

I liked them quite a bit, though the creepy stalker vibe of a lot of their lyrics could be off-putting for sure. They were one of the earliest US bands to try for the shoegaze vibe.

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