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 A renunion show to remember
Author: nosepail 
Date:   04-26-12 09:02

The Smiths

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 Re: A renunion show to remember
Author: Delvin 
Date:   04-27-12 11:24

Did anyone on this board ever see The Smiths? If so, what were they like? Any rumor of a possible reunion seems to excite their fan base ... but was the band any good onstage to begin with?

Just curious here. To be truthful, The Smiths never have turned me on all that much. A few of their higher-profile singles still hold up well, IMO, but none of them are something that I miss much in their absence. (I remember only one instance of The Smiths coming to Colorado a gig in Boulder, on the Queen Is Dead tour but I don't remember talking to anyone who went, or who planned to go.)

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 Re: A renunion show to remember
Author: rhettlawrence 
Date:   04-27-12 13:33

I had tix to see them in Atlanta in the Fall of '86 or thereabouts, but they cancelled on the day of the show. I've always thought the rhythm section was great (and Marr obviously is too), so it would indeed have been interesting to see whether it translated to the live show, or whether it was just The Morrissey Experience onstage.

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