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 Real Estate - Days
Author: Michael Toland 
Date:   02-24-12 16:35

Anybody listening to this record? I've been listening to it off and on for a few months now (including right this second).

Objectively I know this band isn't doing anything different than a dozen indie/jangly/dreamy guitar pop bands from the 80s, and it doesn't advance that sound at all. But apparently I'm a sucker for it. I feel guilty for liking it for the same reasons that I like it in the first place.

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 Re: Real Estate - Days
Author: nosepail 
Date:   02-24-12 18:40

Nice, pleasant, jangly pop with breathy vocals. Very ephemeral. Not super nutritious. I was surprised when I saw their album and some of its tracks on year end top ten lists.

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 Re: Real Estate - Days
Author: totaji 
Date:   02-24-12 20:55

Count me as fan. It was my album of the year.
It's very big Springsteen epiphanies... no big blow-your-mind orgasms. It's simple navel-gazing, melancholic rock. I played it to death for a while and still love it.

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 Re: Real Estate - Days
Author: Jermoe 
Date:   02-24-12 23:51

They're in the sweet spot of jangly without twee or stress-inducing lyrical content. See The Three O'Clock, Camera Obscura, et al). Good stuff.

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