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SIC F*CKS (Buy CDs by this artist)
Sic F*cks EP (Sozyamuda) 1982

After building a worldwide reputation for unserious total-outrage rock, the uncommercially named but innocuous Sic F*cks — the brainchild of Bronx scenester Russell Wolinski and Trash & Vaudeville sisters Tish and Snooky — broke up, leaving New York nightlife in a bored panic. Fortunately, after a year of sporadic existence, the F*cks reformed and finally committed themselves — to vinyl — with a five-song 12-inch, produced by Andy Shernoff of the likeminded Dictators. The sound could be clearer, but for the delivery of such mind-bogglers as "Spanish Bar Mitzvah," "Rock or Die" and "Chop Up Your Mother" (they're only kidding), mere technical considerations hardly matter. Not as good as the band was live, but a fond reminder of a true mania.

[Ira Robbins]