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SHED SEVEN (7) (Buy CDs by this artist)
Change Giver (Polydor) 1995
A Maximum High (UK Polydor) 1996
A Maximum High Special Edition (UK Polydor) 1996
Let It Ride (UK Polydor) 1998
Going for the Gold (UK Polydor) 1999
Truth Be Told (UK Artful) 2001

One of the dozens of scrappy young hopefuls to emerge from the mid-'90s Britpop renaissance, this energetic quartet weds a simplistic rough-hewn guitar roar to drearily infantile lyrics that mostly serve to celebrate singer Rick Witter's witless narcissism. Luckily, Change Giver is a catchy melodic racket that oddly recalls both the Smiths ("Head and Hands," "Ocean Pie") and Electric-era Cult ("Casino Girl" and the terrific "Dirty Soul"). Unsubtle, inane and yet strangely appealing.

[Doug Brod]