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... And Its Head Popped Off (Fruit Tree/Simple Machines) 1993
See Saw EP7 (Simple Machines) 1995
Magnétophone (Simple Machines) 1997
Your Orgasm (Darla) 1998

Bedroom rock can only thrive by being charismatic and intriguing, which is just what Trevor Kampmann of Arlington, VA achieves with his name-shifting project. Aided by various producers, Turner has made some music which goes beyond acne-angst and wanders into a pop realm of ingenuity and cleverness.

Those qualities are not immediately apparent on ...And Its Head Popped Off. An I-love-Lou Barlow collection of songs that are undistinguished if mildly engaging. Magnétophone (which includes three of the EP's four songs) adjusts the marginality by tweaking the recording knobs and adding a symphony of simple instruments, most notably a Casio. Producers Warren DeFever (His Name Is Alive) and Dave Trumfio (Pulsars) add just the right ebullience to make Turner's catchy songs into sonic bubblegum. "Microphone" mixes warm keyboards and a meaty guitar with a driving drum-machine beat, resulting in a Tall Dwarfs inner-worldliness.

Your Orgasm, credited to hollAnd, continues on this path, with a deeper immersion in electronic sounds and an expanded melodic range. Jenny Toomey sings on it.

[Ben Goldberg]
This piece was first published in Badaboom Gramophone #3 and appears here with permission.