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SAFETY LAST (Buy CDs by this artist)
Safety Last EP (Twin\Tone) 1981
Struck by Love (Twin\Tone) 1983

This wonderful rockabilly quartet left Minneapolis for New Mexico in the late '70s; returning home, they made a couple of records that are joyous explosions of unstylized, exuberant (mostly original) rock'n'roll and swing tunes that jump like nuts and display the pure musical strength of underamplified guitar, bass, drums and a spot of piano.

The trebly six-song (including two sturdy instrumentals) EP is a crackling energy jolt from start to finish. Exchanging two members, thereby acquiring both male and female lead vocals, the full-length album is positively brilliant — originals that sound like classics and oldies that sound brand new. No tattoos or pompadours, just talent and pep.

[Ira Robbins]