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PRIMITIVE CALCULATORS (Buy CDs by this artist)
Primitive Calculators (Aus. no label) 1983 + 1987 [CD] (Aus. Chapter Music) 2004

Inspired by New York's Suicide, the Fugs and the Godz, as well as Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs, this influential Melbourne avant-rant quartet (singer/guitarist Stuart Grant, synth bassist David Light, keyboard player Denise Rosenberg (now Hilton) and Frank Lovece on drum machine and vocals) made stripped-down, noisy and intense music with guitars, harshly pounding electric keyboards and deliberately unmelodic vocals. Their overall sound was similar to "Ugly American"-era Big Black. The group's album (dedicated to Jim McCarthy of the Godz) was recorded live in 1979, released posthumously (after half the band had left Australia for England in early 1980) and reissued with a 7-inch single as a bonus disc in the wake of the 1986 film Dogs in Space, for which the group briefly reformed. Grant and Light subsequently resurfaced in Australia in the Bum Steers. The 2004 CD adds a half-dozen vintage bonus tracks.

[Andrea 'Enthal/Ira Robbins]