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NORMAN SALANT (Buy CDs by this artist)
Saxaphone Demonstrations (Alive) 1981
Sax Talk (CD Presents) 1984
Sax Talk EP (CD Presents) 1984

During his years in San Francisco, New York saxman Salant played with everyone from the Residents to Romeo Void. On Saxaphone [sic] Demonstrations, he multi-tracks himself into full-throated majesty on "4 saxaphone demonstrations in the new wave" and "4 saxaphone ramifications of sex and love." Original, inventive, bracing, alternately abrasive and beautiful — a magic blend of modernism and tradition that is really neither rock nor jazz nor any other typical horn genre.

Sax Talk is a full-length album with backing by a stack of notable Bay Area musicians. A bit more restrained, it's nonetheless an engaging and excellent collection of instrumental excursions — some fairly beat-heavy for dancing — in a number of different styles. The title track, co-written with bassist Stephen Ashman, also appears on a 12-inch in two remixes, along with two versions of another LP track and "Heavenly Choir," a mellifluous wall of sax.

[Ira Robbins]