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MI-SEX (Buy CDs by this artist)
Graffiti Crimes (Aus. CBS) 1979
Computer Games (Epic) 1980
Space Race (Epic) 1980
Shanghaied (Aus. CBS) 1981
Where Do They Go? (Epic) 1984

Credit must go to this New Zealand band for its international hit single, "Computer Games," which preceded the glut of similar-sounding British chart entrants by a year or more. Unfortunately, it was Mi-Sex's only shining hour.

The band's first LP, Graffiti Crimes, had been released in Australia before the single was recorded; the song was added and the LP retitled for release in the US and UK. Problem: the earlier material that fills the album sounds nothing like "Computer Games" and lacks both electronic catchiness and overall punch, making it a misleading disappointment for those hooked by the single.

Despite the sci-fi graphics and an attempt to become a genuine techno-rock band as opposed to dabblers, Space Race is an equally forgettable follow-up, offering nothing remotely commercial. Shanghaied, released only in Australia, sounds more confident and less selfconsciously clonelike, but is still only pleasantly mediocre, and does nothing to dispel the band's one-hit onus.

Where Do They Go?, compiled from several antipodean releases, allows Mi-Sex to regain its dignity, if not chart position. A blend of reggae, commercial rock and lightheartedness that could pass for a rougher, less glib Men at Work, the unmemorable album is at least engaging.

[Ira Robbins]