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EBN-OZN (Buy CDs by this artist)
Feeling Cavalier (Elektra) 1984

Ozn (Rosen) is the mannered vocalist; Ebn (Liben) the Fairlight synthesist. Together with some guest stars the pair made highly arranged modern yuppie rock with a few adventurous concepts: "TV Guide" is a massed-vocal exercise in dada that's pretty funny; the dramatic film-score sound of "Bag Lady (I Wonder)" contrasts powerfully with the sensitive lyrics about street people. The pair's best-known tune, "AEIOU (Sometimes Y)," takes a pushy David Lee Roth macho pose about "this incredible looking Swedish girl" and goes on too long, but the sound and chorus are great; an interposed spoken-word bridge concerning global language shows a bit of intelligence and adds excitement. Elsewhere, Ebn-Ozn turn out tepid ballads, dance rock, fake salsa ("Video D.J."), funk and even do a pointless update of "Rockin' Robin." Weird.

[Ira Robbins]