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DANGERMEN (Buy CDs by this artist)
Summer of Danger (Aus. Wild Eagle) 2003

The garage rock tradition that has lately been insurgent from Sweden has been cranked up really high in Australia for nearly as long as it has in the US of A. The five men of Brisbane's Dangermen — singer Zoltane the Maniac, drummer Muchos Larmos Dangeros, bassist Awesome Andy and guitarists Dr. Rock and Dover — have the genre well in hand, from the image (snappy sunglassed spivs) to the sound (raw and ready Saints style, recorded in a hasty muffle) and the requisite lyrical posturing. (Naturally, there's a song called "We Are the Dangermen.") The fact that everything here is fresh as rotting garbage is no quibble at all — if it ain't broke, play it louder!

[Ira Robbins]