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CRAWLSPACE (Buy CDs by this artist)
In the Gospel Zone (Bona Fide) 1989
Silent Invisible Conversation EP (Aus. Grown Up Wrong) 1989
Solitude Crawlspace Head EP (Sympathy for the Record Industry) 1990

Mid-'70s fanzine guru (and former Gizmo) Eddie Flowers leads this loosely constructed Los Angeles aggregation through a variety of blaring, but somehow pacific improv-rock styles, all of which reinforce the band's implicit motto: "The chemicals go in before the name goes on." Silent Invisible Conversation takes its name from a line in the Can song ("Little Star of Bethlehem") that fills Side Two and hints that the three adrenal, Germs-ish tracks on the flip were but a stepping stone to the harder-to-shake stuff.

In the Gospel Zone peddles a much slower-working, but ultimately more lethal, brew. Ricocheting in white-water-rapids-of-consciousness fashion, between beatnik nihilism, full-leather-jacket biker hatemonging and White Panther positivism, Flowers' rants reproduce the spirit of utter drug-rock derangement like no one since the (NYC) Godz. A public-service announcement for some, a call to arms for others. Solitude narrows the focus a bit, with the rambling "Solitude Smokestack Head" overtly advocating the use of cannabis (simultaneously discouraging it via the unmistakable evidence of brainpan burnout). The almost zen-like "Ocean = You," however, is actually quite beautiful.

[David Sprague]
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