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THE BOY LEAST LIKELY TO (Buy CDs by this artist)
The Best Party Ever (UK Too Young to Die) 2005
Be Gentle With Me EP (UK Too Young to Die) 2006

Least likely to what? Sleep in pajamas without feet? Go to bed without his cocoa? Be able to beat up Stuart Murdoch? Jof, the lyricist and singer for The Boy Least Likely To, a UK band not quite tough enough to be considered twee, is seriously wimpy — one can easily picture him fainting at the sight of a bumblebee. But, along with composer Pete, he's also pretty magnificent, crafting ornate and whimsical songs of great imagination and irresistible melodicism. "Be Gentle With Me," "Hugging My Grudge," "Paper Cuts" and "I'm Glad I Hitched My Apple Wagon to Your Star" (to name a few) are about as delightful as pop music gets — catchy, charming and childlike without being childish. The closest comparison would be if Belle and Sebastian and Of Montreal collaborated on a cover version of Jonathan Richman's Back in Your Life. Curmudgeons will hate it (and diabetics should fear it), but The Best Party Ever is truth in advertising.

[Brad Reno]