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ABUNAI! (Buy CDs by this artist)
Universal Mind Decoder (Aus. Camera Obscura) 1997
The Mystic River Sound (Aus. Camera Obscura) 1999
Round Wound (Aus. Camera Obscura) 2000

The Boston four-piece of bassist/singer/pianist Dan Parmenter, guitarist/singer/violinist Brendan Quinn, organist Kris Thompson and drummer/singer/guitarist Joe Turner takes its name from the Japanese cry of "Look out!," a common exclamation in manga animation. Abunai! takes its inspiration from the most fruitful periods of psychedelic music, the '60s to the present. Space rock, folk rock, the Beatles and P-funk are all reference points, so are My Bloody Valentine and Flying Saucer Attack. Universal Mind Decoder, which borrows a title from an instrumental Byrds outtake, is a quintessential tab of 1990's psychedelia, vaulting in its ambition and razor sharp in its interpretation and expansion of influences into new territories. The ten tracks contain everything from densely textured collisions of folk lyricism and acid- fried guitar squall (as on versions of the traditional "Gypsy Davey" and Richard Thompson's haunting "Calvary Cross") to space rock jams.

[Anthony Dale]